We continued finding out about Remembrance Day and why poppies are worn. We watched clips of children selling poppies and found out that the money goes to the men and women who keep us safe. We cut out and made poppies assembled with split pins which we wore with pride. On Wednesday at 11am, we joined in with the two-minutes silence.

On Thursday we made chapatis to celebrate Diwali. Mrs Tomkins measured out the wholemeal flour and then made a well in the middle before adding the oil and water. Once this was all mixed we thought that it looked very similar to playdough. This was then rolled very flat and into a round shape before it was put into a frying pan on a very hot stove. We enjoyed them so much we asked to make them again today!  We also made some chapati dough to play with – we had great fun pretending to roll and cook our own chapatis.

We discovered Rangoli patterns are a symbol of good luck and that when it is Diwali, the colourful patterns are displayed on doorsteps to welcome family and friends. Ryan and Kian showed us their colourful Rangoli patterns that they made at the weekend using coloured rice. We decided we would like to decorated our own Rangoli patterns, using sparkly shapes, glitter and sequins. We also used the giant chalks to create some delightful Rangoli patterns on the playground floor!

Finally, we ended a very busy week with spots and stripes. We made Pudsey Bear masks in class today and talked about how not all children are as lucky as us. We discussed how the money we have brought into school today will help these children

Our topic next week is ‘Shapes and Patterns’.