We created multi-media self-portraits – we looked carefully in the mirror at our skin, hair and eye colour and learned that we are all different and unique.

The children were also very excited to share their weekend diaries with their friends and teachers – what a busy bunch; we loved hearing their weekend news!

The highlight this week was STEM day and we carried out two investigations. Firstly, there was a half-filled bucket of water with a dinosaur floating on the top with a box of stones. Our mission was to see how we could get it to the top of the bucket without touching it. We put stones into the water and watched the water level rise, in fact, the bigger and heavier the stone, the more the water rose. For our second mission, we had to ‘build a castle in the clouds’. We constructed the giant’s castle using only Lego, balancing them on the ‘clouds’ made from shaving foam.

We continued learning the Golden Rules, this week focusing on ‘Do be Gentle’ and ‘Do be Kind and Helpful’.

Our topic next week is ‘The Little Red Hen’.