We practised our cutting skills on a cabbage – using the scissors, we made lots of snips in the leaves and then pretended to cook the cabbage making some very interesting dishes!

We continued to strengthen our fine motor skills by practising threading Cheerios on to a pipe cleaner – the temptation to taste them was too much for some! We loved this activity and had so much fun – and one member of our class suggested we make bracelets next time.

Using autumn colours, we have been painting and printing with carrots, potatoes, parsnips and radishes. We used our own photograph to make scarecrows, adding mosaic squares, coloured pens and straw to decorate them further. Using scissors, hole punch and split pins, we also made movable scarecrows.

The role-play area has seen some busy shopping action this week – what great fun has been had busily shopping for fruit and vegetables.

Two dinosaur friends have been watching over us this week. ‘Kindosarus’ who’s teaching us to be kind to our friends both in word and action, and ‘Shareodactyl’ who is teaching us to share our ideas, friends and toys. We continue to work very hard to be just like them!

The children have enjoyed showing their lovely ‘Freedom’ Open Homework creations and proudly spoke in front of the class about what they made and who they made it with.  Very well done to all.

Next week our topic is ‘Autumn’ and so we are collecting things for our Autumn display table – perhaps,  if you are out and about over the weekend and find sticks, leaves or acorns your child might like to bring them in to add to our collection?

Next week our topic is ‘Autumn’.