We had great fun with Charlotte who came in to school to teach us traditional Indian dance. We practised the moves in small steps before putting them altogether and showing our friends. We then painted our own Diva in bright colours and decorating them with gems before bringing them home.

We have also been learning about Guy Fawkes and the significance of 5th November. We found that Guy Fawkes was not very kind and that he certainly was not practising the Golden Rules!

We dipped beads into paint before rolling them across black paper and adding glitter to create a firework effect and then used paint sticks to make our firework rockets colourful and added these to our sparkling background.  We all tried to use describing words to imitate the noises of fireworks – for example, ‘bang’, ‘pop’, ‘whizz’ and ‘whoosh’.  Using a paint program on the whiteboard, we created some great firework pictures. We watched firework displays on our whiteboard at school and discussed and marvelled at the most amazing bright colours. Keeping safe is very important whenever we watch fireworks, so we read the firework code and read Firefighter Fred’s bonfire night safety story, telling us how to keep safe – he spoke of the importance of standing well back, wearing gloves to handle sparklers and why we should never touch fireworks.

We began our Jolly Phonics this week and began with the sound ‘s’; we had great fun listening to the song and story and then brainstorming words that began with the sound. We also made silly spooky spiders using pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes.

If you have any recycling that we can use for our junk modelling please could you bring it in to us.

Our topic next week is ‘Remembrance’.