We also looked at patterns. Patterns are everywhere and can be made using anything, such as, fruit, colour, shapes, size and numbers. We made repeated colour patterns using the little compare bears. We also independently followed instruction cards to copy and make colour patterns using Lego and Duplo. We used paint to continue colour patterns on scarves and had fun completing a pattern with shapes and colour on the interactive whiteboard.

It has been road safety week and we have been learning and discussing how we can keep safe crossing the road. We read the story, Super Cat’s road safety. Super Cat told us how we need to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK when crossing roads. We must always hold onto our grown up’s hand and always walk when crossing. We also learned that a lollipop person, pelican and zebra crossing help us cross roads safely but, most importantly  we still  need to stop, look, listen and think before we cross just to double check it is safe.

Finally, we have a new dinosaur friend who has joined us in Kindergarten called Stickosarus.  He says, ‘I keep trying when things get tough’ and ‘practice makes progress’ – the children are all trying to be just like him, trying hard whenever they find things tricky!