As Remembrance Day approached, the children learnt about ‘Poppy Day’ and the significance of wearing poppies. We watched clips of children selling poppies and found out that the money goes to the men and women who keep us safe. Poppies also help us to remember the soldiers and their families.  We cut out and made poppies assembled with split pins and made poppy stained-glass windows. We had great fun decorating our poppy biscuits, putting red icing onto a biscuit and then placing a chocolate button in the centre to represent a poppy!  At 11am today, we watched BBC news watching Big Ben chime and joined in with the two-minutes silence.

In phonics, we have been focusing on the sound ‘a’. We brainstormed lots of things that begin with the sound or has the sound in it. We were fascinated that a lot of us have this sound in our name. We had fun practising writing the sound in sparkly sand and coloured rice, using our hands and paintbrushes.

Finally, we have a new dinosaur friend who has joined us in Kindergarten called Thinkodocus, who say, ‘I think of my own ideas”, “I try out my own ideas” and “I guess what may happen”. The children are trying very hard to be just like Thinkodocus.

Our topic next week is Shapes and Patterns.