We had tremendous fun in our pizza parlour role-play area, creating pizzas for our friends and teachers, noticing how the slices are triangle shaped, the toppings circles and triangles, and the pizza boxes squares!

We also looked at patterns. Patterns are everywhere and can be made using just about anything – from fruits, colours, shapes, sizes to numbers. We made repeated colour patterns using the little compare bears and followed instruction cards independently to copy and make colour patterns too. We carefully coloured and continued a pattern on scarves.

As part of our ‘Anti-Bullying Week’, we have been discussing kindness. In this discussion, we thought about how we choose to be a kind friend and talked about the many different ways that we can show kindness to our friends and how we can remind others to be kind too. Here are some of the examples from the children – “If your friend is feeling sad, you can say, are you okay?”, “If you have three toys, you can give one to your friend”, “You have to be kind with your words” and “If we are kind to people, we are happy”.  We made a heart of kindness using our hand prints to show that we have kind hands.

It has been road safety week and we have been learning and discussing how we can keep safe crossing the road. We read the story, ‘Super Cat’s Road Safety’, who explained that we need to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK when crossing roads. We must always hold hands with a grown up until we are 8 years old whenever we cross roads and must always walk when crossing roads. We also learned that pelican and zebra crossings are there to help us cross roads safely.  Most importantly though, we still need to stop, look, listen and think, before we cross, just to double check it is safe to do so. We had great fun using the battery-operated traffic lights and zebra crossing in our play.

Our topic next week is The Gingerbread Man’.  Many of the children have said that they have this story at home and would like to bring into school to read as a group.