Following on from this, we had fun painting gingerbread men. We used pom poms for buttons and felt triangles for the scarf, not forgetting googly eyes to complete the look of our gingerbread men.

We enjoyed making ginger and cinnamon scented playdough – the scent was so delightful we had to be mindful that it was just playdough! We also painted pictures of gingerbread men for a collective wall display and made individual moveable gingerbread men, carefully cutting out the body pieces and using a split pin to join them together.

There was an element of excitement on Thursday as we set off to the local bakery in search of gingerbread reindeer that we had heard were so tasty. We each had own money to take care of and went into the shop to ask politely for a reindeer.  These were then packed into a paper bag and we carried them very carefully back to school. Though tempted to have just a tiny nibble, we saved them for home time. The staff in the shop said we were very polite and had fantastic manners. Well done, Kindergarten!

Our topic next week is The Jolly Christmas Postman.