It’s been a very creative week, we have had lots fun using glitter to decorate not only our wreaths but also our 3D angels, which now form part of our Christmas scenery.  We also used handprints with yellow and blue paint to create angels for our Christmas cards.  We practised our cutting skills whilst cratfing patterns for snowflakes to add a wintery feel to our display.  Additionally, we cut out a reindeer face pattern before drawing antlers and adding eyes and a red pom-pom for the nose; the lovely herd of reindeer can be seen on display in the hall and in our classroom.

The children decided they would like to make peppermint scented play dough this week and had a great time using it in their play.  We love to incorporate the children’s voice in their learning – so much fun has been had with the delightfully scented play dough that now another child has requested dough complete with aromas of Christmas next week!

We have also been practising for our nativity and enjoyed dressing up in our costumes for our dress rehearsal; it was so lovely seeing our friends’ costumes too.

As the weather becomes colder, the children are practising putting on their coats independently and are now even trying to do up their own zips – we are delighted with their efforts!  On this note, it would be extremely helpful to have all hats, gloves and scarves clearly named.

Our topic next week is Christmas!