We talked about how grown-ups set new year’s resolutions which are rather like promises and decided that we too could set our own goals by making a new year wish. We thought hard about what we would like to achieve this year and each wrote our wish onto a star – we have hung them in our classroom. We also collaboratively made a list of goals for us all – “we must do five nice things”, “be kind”, “share” and “listen to and follow our Golden Rules”.

We also reflected on the past year and spoke about the best days of school, some examples given by the children included the bakery visit, playing in the snow in the playground and our Christmas Production. There was lots of excitement as we shared what we are looking forward to at school in the new year ahead.


We have been learning the names of the months and lots of discussions took place of when our birthdays are. To celebrate the new year, we painted our hands and printed them alongside a poem to make a 2023 calendar.

We have revisited our 2D and 3D shapes and used our shape sponges to print; we have been looking for these shapes in our environment. We used the junk modelling to make some fantastic 3D models.

‘Tryatops’, another dinosaur friend, joined our class this week. Tryatops has a try at everything, including trying to have a go at new things; we are working very hard at being just like him!