Our planet Earth is the only one with life! We were amazed to find out that Mercury is the closest planet to Earth and if we look through a telescope we may see it in the night sky.  There were lots of discussions about comets and shooting stars and we found out that these are tiny pieces of rock from space that have entered Earth’s atmosphere.  We watched some video clips of the astronaut, Tim Peake and his time in the space shuttle. We loved how he could just float around but we not so keen on the idea of the food in packets! We have also looked at other famous astronauts.

Our role-play area has been changed into a space rocket. We have had great fun pretending to be astronauts going into space visiting our favourite planets – we have also have taken activities such as stories and puzzles on our trips in the rocket!

We made our own solar systems out of card, placing the sun in the middle so that the planets could orbit the sun. We discovered some other new words such as meteor, meteorite and gravity and found out their meanings.

We used pens, paper plates, split pins and scissors to create astronaut helmets and split pin astronauts, we then had fun using these in our space rocket role play area.  We also carried out a STEM activity to see how far we could launch our rockets using a straw and paper.