We have enjoyed acting out the story in our cottage role-play area, making porridge and feeding the bears. We also used the puppets to act out the story in a group whilst an adult read it; there were some great bear and Goldilocks voices! We used brown and black paint to create our own bear portraits. We had fun playing with and measuring porridge oats in the tuff tray – we pretended to make porridge just like in the story.


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes. The children had fun weighing and mixing the ingredients with a whisk before the teachers carefully heated oil in the pan and cooked the batter. The hardest part was deciding which toppings we wanted on our pancakes!


Great excitement ensued on Thursday as we carried out a science investigation involving ‘gummy bears’ – we put three in a cup of water but, before this we put them in to the water, we held them up to the window to see how much light shone through. We made predictions about what might happen to the bears and can’t wait until Monday when we shall see for ourselves – perhaps our predictions will be correct?