We have been super busy in art and design this week using different media. We made pig models out of clay; firstly, we made a sausage shape for the body before adding ears, a snout and a very curly tail. We used a matchstick to make the pigs eyes and nostrils. Once they were dry, we painted them pink. We continued using our cutting skills and, along with lolly sticks and Selloptape, made our own pig puppets to act as props for storytelling.  Using carefully cut-out character masks, we re-enacted the story which was entertaining to say the least.  We used the puppets, sticks, wooden bricks and straw to act out the story in a group. There was great delight as we joined in with the repeated refrain, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We used our puppets over and over again to act out the story with our friends in the tuff tray.

Kindergarten enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We looked at our costumes in detail and had lots of fun reading through all of the stories that the children brought in. On Friday, the author Alison Simpson came to read us her story of Bohdi the Pirate Dog. We loved listening to the story and looking at the beautiful drawings of all of the animals. Our favourite part was the frog telling Bodhi that “Everybody’s different and there’s only one you!” and this made us think how special and unique we all are.

On another note, we have also had plenty of discussion around the fact that ‘what is in our pants is private’ – Pantosaurus from the NSPCC told us about the 5 PANTS rules to keep ourselves safe. We enjoyed listening to this catchy song to help us remember – here’s the link for you to revisit the concept should you wish.

NSPCC Pantosaurus Song

Our topic next week is The Three Billy Goats Gruff.