We have made treasure maps, painting them with coffee to give that all important authentic look, before drawing a route and a red cross to ‘mark the spot’.  Cardboard tubes were painted with black and brown paint and once dried were decorated with the same theme in mind using chalk, paint sticks and sticky gems to create some amazing looking telescopes.  We also had great fun making our own pirate ships using plasticine and placing the Jolly Roger on the bow of our ships; it became very tense as we placed our ships in the water tray to see whether they floated or sunk!

Great excitement ensued today as the children donned their pirate attire, clutched their pirate maps and telescopes ready to go on a treasure hunt. Together, we found fifty coins in our playground and then we found a very large, old and rusty key – we were sure that it would unlock the treasure chest. After a good deal of brainstorming, we had the idea that since pirates come across lots of sand on their journeys, we should check out our outdoors sand area … and, low and behold, there was a treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins. We were overjoyed to find the treasure to take home with us and thought it very lucky no one was made to walk the plank! More fun was had even reading pirate stories, finding out our pirate name, singing pirate songs and learning how to talk like a pirate, with some very funny phrases!

Our topic next week is Easter.