We have been very ‘green-fingered’ in class this week busily planting beans; we each took a turn to help fill a huge pot with soil and then carefully planted beans, before our breaktime helper watered it carefully. We also planted some of the beans in clear plastic cups so that we can see what happens beneath the soil – we look forward to seeing the roots and shoots growing.  We also helped to colour and cut out a picture of a castle, which we placed at the very top of a tall garden cane to represent the castle in the story, finger crossed our beanstalk will grow as tall as Jack’s!

In maths, we have been focusing on measuring. Using Unifix bricks, we have been estimating how many bricks are needed to make towers the same height as different sunflowers, and then measuring them to see if our predictions were correct.

Outside we raised our heartbeat as we played the bean game – ask us what we needed to do when we saw the picture of the different types of beans.

Our topic next week is healthy eating.