We have also looked at how we need to look after our bodies, helping them to grow strong by eating a healthy diet and, just like plants, we too need fresh air, sunlight and water to help us develop.  Additionally, we have looked at teeth, learning how to keep them them strong and healthy – for example, drinking milk to keep both teeth and bones strong and making sure to brush them twice a day, especially after a sweet treat. We looked carefully at how we need to brush our teeth, starting with a pea sized amount of toothpaste on our toothbrush before the cleaning begins.

After listening to a lovely story about a little girl who wanted to be everything when she grows up, we had here interesting discussions about what the children thought they might like to be when they are all grown up. There are many aspiring scientists, astronauts and members of the emergency services in our class. We also talked about our dreams and goals and that we can be anything that we want to, if we continue to work hard and remember to be a ‘Stickosarus’ when things get tricky- remembering that practice makes progress!

If you have not already, please could your child bring in a photograph of them as a baby and a more recent photograph, too for a display in the classroom?

Our topic next week is ‘Healthy Eating’.