We have been looking at healthy eating and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We have been looking very closely at the five different food groups that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, learning new words, such as protein and carbohydrates, along the way.  We have been sorting different foods into healthy and unhealthy foods, and know that five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are very important in a healthy diet. Although cupcakes, doughnuts and other sugary treats are unhealthy, we are allowed them ‘as a treat’. We also need to drink lots of water to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated – just like our beanstalks!

We also revisited how we need keep our teeth healthy and how important it is to brush our teeth every day; this led onto where toothpaste comes from so we watched a programme and found that a special chalk is mixed with water to make a gel; this gel then has colouring and flavouring added.

Our topic next week is Rainbow Fish.