On Tuesday, we arrived to be greeted by vegetables from the story, Supertato as well as the hero himself on our small world table! We enjoyed making our own Supertato, using tape and sticky eyes for the mask and a stuck-on cape to complete the look. On Wednesday, we came into class with a message from the Evil Pea on our whiteboard. Great excitement followed as we worked as a team with our magnifying glasses and binoculars to find him, that is, before he caused any trouble in our classroom. Luckily, he was spotted and Mrs Tomkins captured him and he was returned to the freezer, as “some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason!”

More pea activity ensued as we used tweezers to carefully pick up and place real peas into the holes of the Numicon and all without squashing them; we also had the task of placing the correct Numicon shape to build our Numicon City!

We carried out a magnetic superhero experiment, colouring and then cutting out a picture of our chosen superhero, we then stuck a paperclip onto the back. Using a magnet, we made our heroes move in circles, upwards, downwards, backwards and they even ‘flew’ across laminated scenery.

Have a wonderful half term break!