We enjoyed finding out about elephants, and found that there are mainly two types, one from Asia and one from Africa – do ask us how we can tell the difference!  There were lots of discussions about tigers and how they are endangered. We then sadly found out that by the time we are grown-ups, tigers could be extinct and this led to discussions about why we need tigers and how we can save them.

Next, we sorted a group of animals into a Venn diagram. We had to decide whether each animal was wild or domestic and very quickly we found some overlapped, as they could be wild or a pet, such as a snake and a horse. This led onto lots of discussions about our pets and if we didn’t have one, what we would wish for if we could have one!

We looked at how animals are unique, just like us. However, although we have different finger prints, zebras and tigers all have different stripes to each other and a spider weaves its web differently to others. We carried out a science investigation to find out why spiders’ prey, such as flies, get stuck in the webs but the spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs.  Again, do please ask us why?

We have been creative this week using a variety of multimedia to create animal portraits.

We continue our topic of wild animals next week and we look forward to meeting Safari Pete and his animals.