Discussions ensued about the different countries that animals live in and animals we have seen on our holidays, as well as on day trips away from home – what an impressive array we have seen – rhinos, penguins, cheetahs and giraffes to name but a few!  Safe to say it has been a week full of facts – our favourites being – a Blackbuck is one of the fastest animals on earth, a kookaburra’s call sounds like a human laughing and the word hippo means ‘river horse’.

There have been lots of questions about mosquitoes.  One question posed was “why do we need mosquitoes?”- and as you’d imagine, discussion and debate followed as the children proffered their thoughts and ideas. Together we found that they are just as important as bees as they help pollinate flowers – and they are an important part of the food chain- we just wish they’d stop biting us!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the week by far was our much-awaited visit from Safari Pete and his animals. We had such fun learning about his animals and where they come from around the world. We went on a safari adventure, meeting Lady GaGa the spider, Baby Bear the meerkat, Pooki and Dooki the bearded dragons, Juliet the owl, Daisy the cayman (who incidentally was the size of a pencil when she was born!) and a tree frog named Kibby.  The pinnacle of the experience today, however, was meeting and stroking an Argentinian Tegu!

Safari Pete and Daisy are part of the conservation that help other countries care for crocodiles. He also works with other countries, such as Uganda where they teach people about animals, conservation, and living with wildlife peacefully.

Our last topic of the year will be keeping safe in the sun.