We painted our self-portraits – we looked carefully in the mirror at our skin, hair and eye colour and learned that we are all different and unique.

The children were also very excited to share their weekend diaries with their friends and teachers – what a busy bunch; we loved hearing their weekend news!

We have introduced the role of Class Helper – each day a child’s name is taken from an envelope and, if they want to, they can be the Class Helper for the day. The role involves the following: counting how many children are in class each day and serving the fruit at snack time.  Additionally, they may be first in the line and are called upon to assist the teachers with daily tasks in Kindergarten.

We experienced our first music lessons with Miss Bee this week, learning a new song and matching the actions that accompany it.

Our Golden Rules have been introduced to the class, and these are as follows: 

  • Do Be Gentle.
  • Do Be Kind and Helpful
  • Do Listen to People
  • Do Work Hard
  • Do Look after Property
  • Do Be Honest

So far, we have focused on ‘Do listen’ in our circle times, talking about the need to listen first time; as there may be a very important message that could be missed. We also talked about listening to our friends and their ideas for play.

Our topic next week is The Little Red Hen.