We also discovered carrots and potatoes are grown underground in farmers’ fields, they are then harvested and sent to greengrocers and supermarkets for us to buy.  We practised our cutting skills on a cabbage – using the scissors, we made lots of snips in the leaves and then pretended to cook the cabbage making some very interesting dishes!

After reading the story ‘Tattybogle’ by Sandra Horn and Ken Brown, we used our own photograph to make scarecrows, adding mosaic squares, coloured pens, pencils and straw to decorate them further. Using scissors, hole punch and split pins, we also made movable scarecrows.

We had great fun playing in the field small world play, where real vegetables ‘grew’ from the soil. We enjoyed pretending to harvest the sprouts, potatoes, carrots and radishes. We then used the carrots to paint using autumn colours.

The highlight of the week was making our bread rolls. Unlike the animals in the story last week, we were all extremely helpful, carefully weighing the flour as well as all the other ingredients. Having shaped the dough into rolls, we waited for the ‘magic yeast’ to make our rolls grow before popping them into the oven. We then waited patiently for our bread to bake; they smelt delicious and we couldn’t wait to take them home.

Our topic next week is Autumn. If you find any autumnal items on your weekend, such as leaves, sticks etc. please may your child bring in for our display table? No acorns please.