We read Henrietta’s First Winter by Rob Lewis. Henrietta is a dormouse trying to store food ready for the winter but faces several mishaps – ask us what happened at the end of the story! This led to great discussions about animals in autumn, including dormice, queen bumblebees, bats and hedgehogs, all of whom are getting ready to go into ‘hibernation’ until the spring time.

We have been using our fine motor skills as we threaded autumn shaped leaves. We took enjoyment in hammering golf tees into Mrs Tomkin’s home-grown pumpkins – all grown from seed in her garden – one of them was enormous! We enjoyed reading a story called, ‘Little Acorns’, learning about the lifecycle of an oak tree and then using just our hands and paint, printed lovely acorn pictures.

A dinosaur joined our class, ‘Shareodactyl’ who is teaching us to share our ideas, friends and toys. We are working very hard to be just like him! We have enjoyed listening to ‘The Sharing Song’ by Jack Johnson which has helped us remember the rules of sharing.

We continue to learn the Golden Rules, focusing on ‘Do Be Gentle’ and ‘Do Listen to People’ – we are trying very hard at using kind hands and words and “listening first time” whether this be with our friends or teachers.

We started phonics this week. We read the story of ‘s’, listened to the song and made the action that accompanies the sound. We had great fun ‘fishing’ items out of a feely bag and finding those beginning with ‘s’. As part of our phonic work, we used our scissor skills to carefully cut out a spider which we completed with funny eyes!

Please see the link for correct sound pronunciation – it is really important the children learn pure, crisp sounds from the off!


We continue to learn about Autumn next week.