We watched a program all about hedgehogs.  We need to remember to check carefully under the leaves in our garden before we clear them to check that a hedgehog has not gone to sleep under them. We also learned about a hedgehog hospital. Using clay, we made hedgehog models, using matchsticks for their spikes and googly eyes.

Using our fingers and autumn colour paint, we created our own Autumn tree as part of our topic work. We had great fun scooping out the pumpkin seeds and flesh using descriptive words to describe how it felt, such as ‘squishy,’ ‘slimy,’ ‘wet’ and ‘sticky’. We then filled the pumpkins with water and letters before ‘fishing’ the sounds out.

‘Shareodactyl,’ who is teaching us to share our ideas, friends and toys has been watching over us and giving out lots of stickers to those who are sharing. This week, a new dinosaur friend named ‘Tryatops’ joined our class; they are teaching us to ‘have a go’.  We continue to work very hard to be just like them!

The children have enjoyed showing their lovely ‘Freedom’ Open Homework creations and proudly spoke in front of the class about what they made and who they made it with.  Very well done to all.

We continue to learn the Golden Rules, focusing on ‘Do Listen to People’ – we are trying very hard at “listening first time,” whether this be with our friends or teachers.

Our topic after half term is Autumn Celebrations.