Using glitter, glue, marbles and paint we have created some fantastic firework artwork and had fun practising writing sounds in colourful glitter, using our hands and paintbrushes.

As Remembrance Day approached, the children learnt about ‘Poppy Day’ and the significance of wearing poppies. We watched a programme about Remembrance Day and learnt about what happened in the war, what the siren sounded like and why air raid shelters were so important. We also learnt that the poppy money is collected and given to the men and women who keep us safe. Poppies also help us to remember the soldiers and their families.  We cut out and made poppies assembled with split pins. We had great fun decorating our poppy biscuits, putting red icing onto a biscuit and then placing a chocolate button in the centre to represent a poppy.

We continue our phonics this week, focusing on the sound ‘t’. Please see the link for correct sound pronunciation – it is really important the children learn pure, crisp sounds from the off!

Our topic next week is Diwali.