Using balloons, glue and newspaper, we set about making our own papier-mâché planets – this project will continue over this half term as we create and paint our own class Solar System.  Our role-play area has been changed into a space rocket. We have had great fun pretending to be astronauts going into space to visit our favourite planets – we have also have taken activities such as stories, threading and puzzles on our trips in the rocket!

To reinforce the importance of hand washing we carried out an investigation. We ground some black pepper into a bowl of water and these were our ‘germs’, we dipped our fingers into the bowl and saw how the ‘germs’ stuck to our fingers. We spoke about how we could see these ‘germs’ as they were big but, in fact, germs are very tiny and we can’t normally see them. Next, we dipped our fingers into some liquid soap, and saw how the pepper/germs dispersed. We now realise how magical soap is and we are going to remember to use it every time we wash our hands!

Our topic next week is Alien Loves Underpants.