The children have been learning how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We have discussed how other countries celebrate Christmas, discovering in Australia the weather is very different to here so they have barbecues on the beach, well-behaved children in France receive gifts from Père Noël and in Brazil people go to see the world’s tallest floating Christmas tree in a lagoon in Rio de Janeiro and it contains 3.1 million bulbs. Christians in India decorate her houses and the streets with coloured paper stars.

The break time helper has been tasked with opening the door on our Advent calendar – we have enjoyed working as a team counting down the days!

In the Christmas writing area, we have been busy writing cards to our friends and teachers and posting them in our class box. There have also letters and wish lists addressed to Father Christmas. We practised our cursive style writing as we wrote our cards to our families.  Using our fingers and paint, we created a ‘Christmas Lights’ picture. We have had fun playing maths games on the Interactive Whiteboard. We had to put the correct number of baubles on the Christmas tree, build a snowman, ensuring that the shapes were in the right order or the snowman would fall down! We also had fun clicking and dragging the jigsaw pieces to complete the puzzle.

Christmas continues next week and we are all very excited about the Christmas Merrie on Tuesday.

As the weather gets colder the children are working hard at doing their own coats up and putting on their own gloves, making sure that each finger goes in the right home!