We had great fun using junk modelling materials to make our very own 3D models, discovering that the tubes were cylinders, but the boxes were either cubes or cuboids. The children used their imagination to create some magnificent models.

We also looked at patterns and discovered they are everywhere and can be made using just about anything – from fruits, colours, shapes, sizes to numbers. We made repeated colour patterns using the little compare bears and followed instruction cards independently to copy and make colour patterns too. We used cotton buds and paint to continue a colour pattern on a snake.

We had a new dinosaur friend join our class this week called ‘Askaraptor’ who taught us to show curiosity and to ask many questions.

Finally, we had great fun on Friday as we copied the actions in our Dough Disco session. We are developing our fine motor muscles by manipulating our own playdough, matching the movements to the songs.