This week, we have been reading the traditional fairy tale story, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’  Many versions have been read, from very precious little old hardbacks to modern picture books, as well as online versions. We discussed the differences between them, but one thing we noticed in each was that there’s always a small, medium and large sized – bowl, chair and bed, not forgetting the porridge! There was plenty of talk about how Goldilocks went into the cottage uninvited – the children were quick to point out she should not have gone into a stranger’s house or gone into a house uninvited! As a class, we decided to write the three bears a letter from Goldilocks. There were lots of different ideas of what to put in the letter and exactly what Goldilocks was saying sorry for.

We have enjoyed acting out the story using the big and little puppets and the medium sized teddy bears. We used brown paint and collage to create our own bear from the story. We had fun playing with the porridge oats in the tuff tray – we pretended to make porridge just like in the story.

Great excitement ensued on Monday as we carried out a science investigation involving ‘gummy bears’ – we put three in a cup of water but, before this we put them in to the water, we held them up to the window to see how much light shone through. We made predictions about what might happen to the bears.  All week long, the children have eagerly observed the gummies to see how they have changed in the water – ask us what happened.

The children were very engaged in deciphering between objects as to whether they were hard, soft or both. They each chose items sort according to this criteria. We discussed as a group the properties that distinguished each one.

Our topic next week is The Three Little Pigs.