What fun we had repeating the refrain ‘so they pulled and they pulled and they pulled’.  During circle time, we looked closely at a turnip, looking at its roots and the top where the big leaves would have been. We then prepared both the turnip and a swede for cooking taking great care with the cutting up. Once these cooled, we used it in our small world farm play as part of the field where the Brussel sprouts and radishes were already growing!  We also practised our cutting skills on a cabbage! Using the scissors, we made lots of snips in the leaves and then pretended to cook the cabbage in real saucepans in our role-play.

2D shape names have been the focus in mathematics work. We looked around our classroom to identify as many different shapes as possible. We noticed that the clock is a circle, our windows are rectangles and our boards are square. We have yet to find a triangle shape in our classroom!

As the weather was a little gloomy today, we brought out our ‘t’ for torches to play with. We had great fun turning the lights out and shining them around the room – there were treasure hunts, toy searches and lots of ‘stars’ on the ceiling!

Our topic next week is Dinosaurs!