I have been blown away by the enthusiasm, creativity, insightfulness, attention to detail and hope that has gone into all the tasks the boys have completed this year. The L.I.O.N. Award stands for ‘Leadership for Independence, Opportunities to Nurture’ and we have seen the boys demonstrate this in bucketloads. Their resilience and determination have been typified in their ability to work around problems and come up with solutions. These skills and attributes will serve them well in our ever-changing world, and the reflection they do at the end of their submissions gives them the opportunity to think about all they have achieved. Well done to all the boys for their hard work. I look forward to handing out badges to all the boys in September and kicking off a new year of L.I.O.N. Award fun. There is also a whisper of a new, streamlined, paper-minimised, online L.I.O.N. Award Firefly Page to make things simpler, easier and quicker – watch this space!