For the Year 3s it is all new and exciting; however, the older students have something new to look forward to as not only is the LION Award back in its full glory, it is now utilising Firefly.


Don’t panic! The boys don’t need to worry about how the Firefly site will work or what they need to do for their first submissions. They can rest easy in the knowledge that they will be given a walkthrough of how to upload evidence before their Open Homework starts. Year 4 will even be lucky enough to be given a sneak preview once they return from their residential. I shall also be sending a more detailed letter to you next week as well as some handy help guides so that you can easily navigate the new system as well.


Ultimately, the LION Award is about giving the boys opportunities to take the initiative and work through their Award as independently as possible; by moving online we are aiming to give them a greater sense of responsibility.  Firefly allows all documents to be stored in one place so that submission can be accessed anywhere, anytime.