Hampton Prep BS

Our B team had lots of fun although we weren’t that successful. We chatted about tactics and thought about our formation. In our  breaks we were practised our skills and accuracy. We watched our ‘A’ team and supported them along their way as well as taking inspiration from their gameplay. At the end, we finished on a high note by winning 3-0 against TPS ‘B’ team. This really boosted our mentality and we hope that we will learn from our mistakes and do better in the future.

Lucas Woods & Johnny McMonagle


Hampton Prep As


First, we played in the group stages. In this we were on an unbeaten form, not losing a single match. We had made it into the Semi Final! We played the eventual winners of the tournament, Bishopsgate. They scored an early goal. We kept pushing and pushing, but they scored again. We ended up losing the match 2-0, but we gave it our all. We still had a chance to come 3rd. Now we played Kings Wimbledon in the 3rd and 4th playoff. They scored first where their played struck the ball from the middle of our half. We couldn’t do anything to stop it. We had some great attempts. However, their goalkeeper was outstanding and saved a number of our shots on target. They ended up scoring another goal. We lost to a strong team 2-0 again, but we all tried our hardest. We walked home proud of ourselves, but secretly we all knew we could’ve won it!

Will Meehan


It was an exciting day. A big thank you to all the Games staff for refereeing the Games.


Next week we have House Football to look forward to on Friday. Always a great event to end the half-term on. I look forward to seeing you there.