This means boys need to come to school in their rugby kit on Games days. They will also need a gum shield (this includes Year 3, as we like to get them used to using them) and to bring in their full tracksuit. As you might expect, the boys get very muddy playing rugby and they will need to put on their tracksuits after the session to prevent the school, and also your cars, getting covered!


After a long break from rugby for many boys, it is understandable that some of them may be feeling apprehensive. I reassured them in assembly today that we will not be diving straight into full contact games from minute 1 but will be gradually introducing different aspects of the game. We will start with touch versions and progress from there. Ensuring the boys in Years 4 to 6 understand the importance of correct tackle technique and good body position will be an important box to tick before we go onto contact games.


Finally, I should finish with a word on the football season. We have been setting up some tournaments for boys in Games this week; to see how well they have played as teams has been very impressive. No matter what level they have been playing at, it is evident to me as Head of Games here to see the excellent progress the boys have made from the start of the season to now, both from a skill based/technical point of view and a tactical understanding one. This is thanks to their hard work and they should be very proud of their progress!