The boys seem ready. After the chocolate, food and sleep over the Christmas period they have returned to the muddy Games fields of Carlisle park with plenty of energy and it has been good to observe their understanding of how to play a complex game progress with each session.  The U11 A & B teams, U10 A-C teams and the U9 A-D teams should feel a good sense of confidence going into their first fixtures next week against St Benedict’s and Surbiton, respectively.


Games staff had their own rugby training session at the beginning of term. We were joined by ex-Bath and Bristol rugby player and editor of Rugby Coach Weekly, Dan Cottrell, for a chilly morning of training on how best to motivate the boys, deliver drills and games that elicit the skills and behaviours that are essential for rugby. The commitment and energy from the staff was excellent, and I’m pleased to report no injuries or pulled hamstrings. It was certainly time well spent and equipped us with several resources we have made use of already in games sessions. From my perspective it was great to see how reflective, engaged and passionate the staff were in soaking all the information up in order to deliver engaging, challenging and enjoyable sessions for the boys.