Going on the performance of previous years, the staff were the favourites and this tag was certainly justified in the first innings with the teachers leading by 2 rounders. The lead was further built on by the staff’s second innings, leaving the boys with a mighty target of 15 rounders to win. Going into the Year 6s’ final batting innings, the atmosphere was tense and the Year 3, 4 and 5s gave great vocal support to their peers. The tactical failures of the Year 6’s first innings were eradicated, as they played more intelligently, eating away at the staff’s lead. With the final ball of the game the staff led by half a rounder. Lucas Band stepped up to the plate, swiped the ball and scored a rounder. The result: victory for the boys and Lucas was mobbed. Great scenes! Congratulations to the boys.

Next week see’s Year 6s last ever fixture for Hampton Prep in a cricket match at home. I wish them the best of luck and want to say thank you from all of the staff in the Games Department for all their efforts representing Hampton Prep over the years. I am sure they will go on to make great sporting contributions at their future schools.