In rugby, the boys in years 3, 5 and 6 played in the return fixture against Surbiton Prep. The Year 3 fixtures were closer than the first round, demonstrating the boys’ progress. The U10s were away and were unfortunate to come away with some close losses but well done to them for battling on. The U11s faced improved Surbiton sides who played with intensity from the first whistle. The A team missed out on a few chances to level the scores up in the first half but kept positive and played with greater physicality in the second half. The Bs responded well and went on to win their game and it was close for the Cs and Ds.

The U8 and U9As played in the Surrey Rugby festival today. The U8s won 2 and lost to Cranmore to come 2nd in their group. In the second phase of the festival they went on to win one and lose 2, an excellent  effort.  The U9s excelled and won all their games. A great result in a festival in which some big Surrey schools participate. A big well done for their excellent offensive and defensive work. Finally, good luck to the U10s and U11s tomorrow as they have their turn in the festival.