Hampton had batted first and the top order lost their wickets cheaply. Dushyant and Ridhaan stepped in and steadied the ship with Ridhaan scoring 33 of 32 balls, setting Rokeby a target of 104 to win. Hampton’s bowling attack was effective, cutting through the first few wickets, however, Rokeby’s tail played smart cricket chipping away with lots singles. With 2 overs left Rokeby needed 12 to win and had 1 wicket remaining. And 12 they got, leaving the scores level and one ball remaining. Dushyant bowled, the batsman whacked it and Edward (playing up a year) took the catch. Hampton, having lost fewer wickets, are now through to the semis against Feltonfleet. Match date TBC. Congratulations to the boys and Mr Bendelow!


The U11As are also lucky enough to be touring to Guernsey this weekend. They will be playing Elizabeth College Junior School and the Guernsey Island team. For accommodation they will be hosted by the Elizabeth College families, just as we hosted their boys last Autumn for their football tour. We wish them a happy tour.