In House Cricket, Years 3 and 4 played in the morning and Years 5 and 6 in the afternoon. As usual it delivered in providing plenty of tension, skill and drama. Some highlights included the Year 3/4 Tudor Blades 4 run victory over Windsor, Year 5/6 Lancaster and Windsor Blades battling it out to the last ball, with Windsor providing enough pressure to run out Joe B on the last ball. Going from game to game it was a pleasure to see the progress the boys had made over the course of the term on display along with passion and great sportsmanship. And the winner? I’m afraid that remains a secret until assembly next week!

The U11As made a swift exit after House Cricket, as they headed to Hampton to host Feltonfleet in the semi-final of the Verney Cup. Hampton won the toss and elected to bat. Feltonfleet were energetic in the field and bowled effectively, rarely straying wide or short. This put pressure on our batsman to which some succumbed. However, Harry M stepped up to give the batting performance of his season for the school, recording 42 off 50 balls! An excellent effort that made up the majority of our 73 runs. Going into field, we had to keep Feltonfleet under 4 runs per over to have a chance of victory and hallway through the innings this was looking like a possibility. Kailan S bowled exceptionally well, bowling 4 overs, 3 of them maidens and taking 2 wickets for only 3 runs; outstanding. A mention also to Kyle O and Ed J, stepping up from Year 5 and both taking wickets and making catches. We were still in the game with a couple of overs to go but Feltonfleet’s first batsman was proving stubbornly effective every time he was on strike. And so it was with 5 balls remaining, he gained the runs to win the game for Feltonfleet. It was a great game and the Hampton Prep boys can be especially proud of the way they stepped up and produced a controlled performance. They have been expertly managed by Mr Bendelow through the tournament and they have certainly come along way as a team thanks to him.

This is the last Sports Bulletin of the season and it’s is only right that I use the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to our 3 Gap Year Teaching Assistants Mr Lee, Miss Slattery and Miss O’Brien. They have been an invaluable asset to the department, doing everything from keeping the Games store in order to refereeing fixtures.  They will be missed by myself, the staff and certainly the pupils here at school. Do wish them good luck for the future if you see them next week.

Finally, I wish you all a happy and active summer and the Games staff and I look forward to another exciting year of sport in September!