It is a huge tournament with over 60 schools taking part so the level of competition is high. Our B teams had a tough time of it but battled on in their games. The U11As made a good start to the season but lost to two very good teams. The U10As lost their first game but went onto find the back of the net regularly, ensuring they won their group (and a medal) on goal difference. Well done to them. The U11 Aa and Bs will be in action at the Surbiton tournament and the U10As at the King’s House tournament tomorrow morning. Good luck to them.

Next Friday is our annual Swimming Gala at Hampton pool from 1:30-3:30. It makes for a great spectacle so please do come and spectate. On the day the boys will need to come into school in their PE kit, with their swimming trunks on underneath. They may wear their track suit over the top of their PE kit or have it with them in case the weather turns cooler. The boys will also need to bring a towel for after their race and swimming googles if they wish. More information about the day will be sent out on School Post.

The Rugby World Cup continues this weekend and I hope you have been enjoying the flair of Fiji and the power of the South African teams. Rugby is of course a contact sport and many boys love this element of the game. Today we sent a letter and permission form to parents of boys in Years 4 – 6 regarding rugby. Do please keep an eye out for this and please return the form once you have completed it.