Over the past two weeks we have been visited by some of the Pre-Prep pupils here at the Prep. Last week, the Year 2s came up for a taster Games session with me and showed of the fundamental skills they have been developing in their Games and PE sessions with Mr Cockshutt, Mr Clive and Mrs Powell. They tried out some football and cricket and learnt about how Games lessons run at the Prep. It was great to see how excited they are about Games in the prep I look forward to seeing them on the Games Field in September.


Yesterday, we had our Year 1 Sports Gala and were visited by 13 local schools, meaning we had 100 Year 1s running around enjoying activities based on the different sports we play at Hampton Prep. It was a fun and energetic event. The sun shone and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, particularly how much pride the pupils took in their medals they were awarded at the end. A big thank you to the Games staff for their hard work.