Year 3

First Prize: William Lewin-Smith – his chocolate cake extravaganza looked truly mouth-watering.

Runner-up: Ediz Yildirim – his cinnamon buns looked as excellent as his baking outfit.

Runner-up: Nico Liebster – his ‘Medusa’s Head’ cake had terrifying edible hair, eyes, everything!


Year 4

First Prize: Dushyant Parthiban – a beautiful, evenly layered, differently coloured rainbow sponge cake.

Runner-up: Toby Woods – a Hampton Prep decorated chocolate cake, with an edible Lion logo.

Runner-up: Xander Lindsay – a shameless attempt to appeal to one judge’s heartstrings (it worked) with a very accomplished looking batch of temptingly plump and moist Anzac biscuits!


Year 5

First Prize: Ben Jago – Nigella’s strawberry macarons; they looked amazing!

Runner-up: Dennis Hayes – one of the few cheesecakes entered, so it deserved a prize from that angle alone; it was also rather substantial in size.

Runner-up: Sebastian Wright – his ‘Oranges and Lemons, The Bells of St. Clements’ cake came as a whole production number, with accompanying presentation which included the lyrics of the nursery rhyme.


Year 6

First Prize: James Phillips – a wonderfully eccentric but also delicious looking bright red-faced cake, truly a cheerful sight to behold!

Runner-up: Ollie Nicholls – his spinach and feta, filo pastry tartlets were the only truly savoury bake to be entered, therefore highly original.

Runner-up: George Moria – a voluminous and very artistically swirly orange and chocolate marble cake, yum!