On Tuesday, our friends from Chartwells catering, Lynsey, Paranka and Jack came to run a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar Healthy Food Workshop’. We discussed healthy eating and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  We looked closely at the five different food groups that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, learning new words, such as protein, dairy and carbohydrates, along the way.  We have been sorting different foods into healthy and unhealthy foods, and know that five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are very important in a healthy diet. Although cakes, cookies and other sugary treats are unhealthy, we are allowed them in moderation. We also need to drink lots of water every day to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated. We then made the most fantastic ‘hungry caterpillar wraps’ and tasted delicious fillings such as crunchy pepper, sweet raisins and spicy parsley!

In mathematics this week, we have been learning about sharing and halving. We thought about sharing fairly and a played guessing game spotting numbers that share! We have also been learning the odd and even numbers to ten. We worked with our talking partners to sort odd and even sweetie numbers into the correct sweetie jar.

In preparation for our outing, we enjoyed learning about ‘Farms’ and ‘Farm Animals’. We loved playing in our farm themed tuff spots, especially building walls to separate the fields with Weetabix walls! The children completed some creative writing and enjoyed imagining and writing about a day in the life of different animals. We thought that rolling around in mud like pigs sounded rather a lot of fun, we were amazed to find out that goats can climb trees and all decided that the sheep dogs may get tired out chasing all those sheep!

On Friday, the children enjoyed visiting Bocketts Farm!  It was lovely to take them on a school trip to such a wonderful working farm environment. We enjoyed our tour of the farmland by a tractor driven by the Farmer.  The children took part in animal handling, where they were allowed to get up close to a rabbit, two cute guinea pigs and friendly chickens. We enjoyed feeding the goats, llamas and sheep in the big barn. We would like to say a big thank you to our volunteers Mrs Kenning, Mrs Soni & Mrs Worthington, and to Miss Thompson for taking such wonderful photos – thank you all for your invaluable help.

Next week, we will be continuing our Fabulous Farm topic, I’m sure our visit to Bocketts farm will inspire more learning!