In Literacy, we wrote about the Easter Bunny and composed a page for our ‘tap, tap, tap, out of the egg came’ book. They have enjoyed learning about various animals that hatch from eggs, and this led to some interesting discussions about life cycles of different animals – we were amazed to learn that the Duck-billed platypus hatches from an egg! Whilst last week the children watched hatching chicks as part of Science week, this week they applied their knowledge sequencing a hen’s life cycle correctly.

In mathematics, lots of addition and subtraction number sentences have been completed and we have been perfecting our number formation by practising numerals on whiteboards. We have enjoyed learning about estimation and enjoyed making sensible guesses in an estimation game!

We are super ‘egg-cited’ about the Easter Egg hunt next week, making bunny ears in anticipation of the Easter Bunnies arrival!