We looked at the life cycle of a sunflower plant and used this to help us write instructions of how to plant a sunflower seed. We also sequenced pictures of the sunflower life cycle and planting process. We enjoyed independently following our instructions to plant our seeds. We discussed the importance of watering our seedlings and what helps plants to grow. Many of the children enjoyed sharing their gardening knowledge and descriptions of trips to allotments to plant vegetables.

In mathematics, we have enjoyed making number bond paper chains. We have been working hard to learn all the variables to make a given number. Do test us at home! We have also been learning about measuring and discussing words used to describe size. We have been ordering objects by length and measuring with cubes.

This week, we wrote about skills we are pleased to have in our ‘Gratitude Diary’. It was lovely to hear about the breadth and variety of skills the children possess -from speaking a different language to football training skills, swimming underwater to being able to enjoy reading independently.