We have been taking a closer look at the life cycle of a frog and enjoyed learning about the different stages and sequences, from frog spawn, tadpole to frog . We listened to the fairy story of ‘The Frog Prince’. We talked about the stages of the story; beginning, middle and end. We were delighted with the children’s independent versions of this story, as they had recalled so much detail.

We had a ‘ribbit’ great time learning how to draw frogs following a step by step guide. It was fabulous to see how unique each frog looked!  Our lovely frogs are up on display in the classroom.

This week we had great fun investigating floating and sinking, making predictions about materials and their properties the materials. We used lots of words to describe the mass and thought carefully about what would float on the surface or sink to the bottom of our tank. We were surprised by some of our findings!

In mathematics, we have been measuring and comparing. We enjoyed measuring our shoes and our feet, comparing sizes within the class. We also recapped telling the time: o’clock and half past, and drew the hands of the clocks to tell the time.