The result is secondary coloured puddles of paint and also fur.  This led to an exciting afternoon colour mixing with paint, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!  The children also used pipettes to suck up coloured water and squeezed droplets onto paper towels, and watched the paper absorb the water and disperse the colours.

In mathematics, we have been looking at symmetry and symmetry in nature. We had fun designing our own symmetrical butterflies. We also re-capped our knowledge of money and coins, added different coins together to make totals.

On Wednesday, Reception class enjoyed a second morning with Mrs Timba and Mrs Swain in Year 1. They came back to the classroom really excited about their transition in September.

On Thursday, we enjoyed two ocean themed Art workshops. The children enjoyed a series of cutting, crafting and painting activities to make the most beautiful underwater frieze for the hall. It includes glittering fish, iridescent jellyfish, whales and dolphins and two pretty mermaids.