In mathematics, we have been ordering numbers and working at forming the numbers 4 and 5 correctly. In our phonics sessions, we have continued developing our blending skills, as well as learning the correct formation of letters /c/, /k/, /e/ and /h/.

On Thursday we enjoyed taking part in our STEM day activities. The children enjoyed the ‘Brickies’ workshop. The leaders Sam and Jamie set the children building tasks to create structures of their choice and a vehicle for a class city. It was fantastic to hear the many amazing ideas the children had and to watch them build. Sam and Jamie were definitely impressed with the children’s aptitude towards their building tasks as well as with their engagement.  During our STEM day we also learnt about many famous buildings all over the world, discovering strong buildings need firm foundations and a good shape. We tested our building skills by using different construction equipment to build a tower strong enough to keep a packet of biscuits off the floor and safe! This involved the children working as a team and it was lovely to see them sharing ideas together.

Next week, we’ll be moving on to the topic ‘A healthy plate’ thinking about the importance of a healthy balanced diet.