We read and discussed different endings to the story in different versions of the book. The children tried sounding out the names of the characters to label their pictures independently and drew some fabulous pictures to accompany their work.

Our focus sounds this week have been /g/, /o/ and /u/. We have had fun sounding out CVC words, listening extremely carefully for the different sounds in initial, middle and final positions.

Our mathematical focus has been 2D shapes and we have been beginning to describe shapes using mathematical language. We all enjoyed playing the game ‘guess the 2D shape behind the binoculars’.

As part of our science learning about change, we made pizza toast at school. The children were delighted to then choose their favourite vegetable pizza toast toppings and are looking forward to popping their pizza toast in the oven to cook for an afterschool snack today! Our role-play area this week has been a very busy pizzeria complete with some very busy chefs playing Master Chef!

Lastly, we had great fun leading assembly today and sharing our learning from our Life Skills sessions.