We listened to the biography ‘Little people, Big dreams, David Attenborough’. The children enjoyed hearing how David had always been fascinated in animals and fossils from a young age and later studied geology and zoology for his degree in natural science before becoming a TV presenter, famous for filming animals in their natural habitat. The children were surprised to hear that he is in his 90’s and still making wildlife films.

We also enjoyed reading the much-loved flap book, ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and relished lifting flaps to reveal different animals. We all got a surprise as we retold the story with the small world  zoo and wild animals with the children enjoying sharing fun facts and reasons for either keeping or returning the animals to the zoo! Fabulous illustrations accompanied their individual written pages for our class story book – they particularly enjoy attaching a flap on their crate to hide their chosen animal.  Lion collages with mixed media and small world play in a zoo tray have complemented our work.

In maths this week, we have been counting up and down the number line to 20. We have been counting number in blocks and noticing how the cubes make either a square or a rectangle. We also worked together as a class ordering the numbers to 20, as we each held a number. We managed to order ourselves correctly both 0 to 20 and 20 to 0.

Finally, a quick plea to you all to refrain from putting your child’s water bottle inside their blue school bag – sadly a significant number of school reading books have suffered water damage as a result of leakages and can no longer be used.


Next week our topic will be Christmas!